“Our vision is to be the body of Christ, growing together in His love, His Word, His services and His mission.”

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Welcome to the Children’s Ministries of 1st Baptist Lansing.

Our desire is to help your family grow strong in Jesus. Our Ministry centers on kids 4 years through 6th grade and our goals are simple. We strive to provide quality programs that meet your children’s needs. We teach children to be doers of the Word and not hearers alone. We help kids connect their Christian faith with real life and do all we can to reach each child at their own level of understanding.

Our philosophy is REAL; Relational, Experiential, Applicable and Learner based. Every ministry is centered around kids building relationships with Jesus, leaders and other kids. We allow kids to experience God’s Word for themselves. There’s no force feeding of facts and figures that will be soon forgotten. Instead we design lessons around life changing experiences that kids can apply to their everyday lives. We understand that kids learn in a myriad of ways so you’ll find kids singing, crafting, listening, playing and talking; whatever way they learn best.

Check us out. We’re always looking to make new friends!

All Children’s Ministries are staffed with trained personnel and regulated
by our Child Protection Policy and Procedures.